Photo (C5513): Sourced from Virtual Mitchell and reproduced with the kind permission of Glasgow City Archives.
A solitary policeman directs non-existent traffic in this c1935 view of James Miller’s 1934 Commercial Bank of Scotland. These days the building is still home to brass, but in the form of German oompah bands that keep the Bavaria Brauhaus punters entertained. The building is modern classical with a portland stone and polished granite plinth, forming a stylobate (the base on which the columns rest). Two storey giant order fluted Corinthian columns dominate the Bothwell Street entrance. The entrance doors are bronze, as are the panels between ground and first floor. Between the windows on the 3rd floor are relief sculpted frieze by Gilbert Hayes representing¬†Industry, Commerce, Justice, Wisdom, Contentment and Providence. Not so long ago the building housed Madness nightclub and before that it was an Italian restaurant after the Royal Bank of Scotland moved out in the 1990s.

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